Yorkton Chapter - Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship in Canada

20160212 - Dave Wells - Testimony

March 10, 2016

As a young man, Dave had a radical conversion experience in 1971, while attending university in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Over the years, he and his wife have experienced the power of God in many ways in their life & ministry; including a miraculous healing that raised his wife Linda off of her death bed.  Building a strong marriage and family has been an important foundation that Dave and Linda have lived and modeled through 40 years of ministry, including 23 years as Senior leaders at Harvest City Church in Regina.  Both are trained teachers and their hearts are to train and equip God's people to do the work of ministry and walk in truth.  He shares his testimony on how a former atheist and his wife were transformed from teachers in the public school system to reaching the lost and giving Apostolic input into churches around the world.

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