Yorkton Chapter - Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship in Canada

20160421 - Dale Begley - Testimony

April 22, 2016

On April 21, 2016, We were invited to hear an amazingspeaker in Sturgis, and were blessed to be able to record it so we could share it withyou.

Dale Begley was a child 8 yearsold, struck down by a speeding car. Frantically people had gathered around. They turned the car over because Dale was trapped underneath.  Ambulance rushed him to Atoka County hospitalwhere doctors pronounced Dale dead, and told his mother, “There is nothing wecan do.”  Left to lay on an examiningtable, he looked hopeless:  Burned legs,arm, face; parts of him looked like pieces of charcoal meat.  Doctors asked Mrs. Begley if they could giveher a shot to calm her nerves because they heard her saying, “The One who madehim will keep him.”  The doctors thoughtshe was overwhelmed by the tragedy and she was out of her head, but she wastalking out of her heart.  Then theAngels went to work and escorted Dale’s spirit back to his body, approximately12 hours from the time of the accident. His life was spared to Preach Jesus and His Gospel.

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